About us

Our history

The story of Compro Communications begins 30 years ago, in 1987.


  • 1987 : Company founded in Cap-Rouge by Mr. Jean-Guy Rivard
  • 1989 : Inauguration of the sales offices in Montreal
  • 1998 : Winner of the best sales team in Quebec
  • 2000 : Expansion of the head office in Quebec City
  • 2008 : Jo-Anne Rivard took the lead of the family company, successfully integrating ERP management systems
  • 2012 : Expansion of the Montreal office
  • 2016 : Compro became finalist at the Mercuriades, in the “increased productivity” category
  • 2017 : Compro Communications turns 30! To highlight this milestone, the company wins the Consumer Choice Award, a guarantee of excellence


What’s next? Technology is evolving; Compro is constantly adapting and staying ahead in order to offer you an impeccable quality of production!

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